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2nd place in coffee music project

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I got to participate in a competition held by Coffee Music Project. I made it passed the semifinals and played the LA Coffee Festival, then went onto the finals held at The Mint.

(L-R) Ishmael, Chris, Rodrigo, me, Jeff Young (founder)

Here are the two songs I played the night of the final:

LA Song

What You'll Find

As part of the competition, contestants were asked to write a song about LA. I wanted to highlight the many wonderful people I've met here and how it important it is that we take care of and look out for each other.

Some of those wonderful people happen to be in this band! Guitar - Ishmael Perez Cajon - Chris Nguyen Bass - Rodrigo Moreno

A recap of the night:

An important aspect of the Coffee Music Project is the charity they partner with. Through Project Waterfall, 100% of ticket sales from the semi-finals and the finals went to getting clean water to a village in Ethiopia, as well as 10% of ticket sales from the LA Coffee Festival.

It was all-around an inspiring and encouraging experience. I'm grateful to have competed alongside talented individuals and genuine souls.

Photo by Peter Zuehlke

Lyrics to the LA song (some of which I messed up):

I didn't know this place would be an open door for me But since I've walked through, I've been surprised at the lights that shine in my eyes From the hearts I've come to know Burning bright, a warming glow This is what we need the most

And I can't stand when they try to take it from your hand And I can't stand to see you get stuck in sinking sand

I've yet to do the things I thought that I was going to do The world makes success mean quite a lot, but what does it mean to you? Finding joy in the process That our souls, they can connect And we take each other in

Come and find rest you're doing your best You're not alone here please do not have fear We've come to this place but it's not a race

So, what's the plan? Are we gonna help our fellow man? We're in this land if one of us falls let's lend a hand

This city of stars can bring many lights and many scars but in the right light, you won't have to hide the darkest parts

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